Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy offers a total business solution that allows companies to reach their potential by reaching dispersed leaders across their organization and connecting them throughout a learning and development journey.

Based on the reality that every business problem has a human dimension, Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy is highly recommended as a long-term solution to increasing employee engagement and productivity.

The A.I.M of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy


We start with an analysis of your organization’s health. This is done through the MERIT Profile, a collection of psychometric tools that help you build stronger teams of complementary and compatible employees. The MERIT Profile is part of Personal Leadership Effectivenesss, which aims to provide unique, relevant and timely “character-based solutions” that can be applied and integrated into an organization’s culture, talent acquisition, employee development and retention strategic initiatives.


Grounded on the information from the assessment, our consultants will present intelligent recommendations on long-term solutions best for your organization’s concerns: coaching, consulting, or training programs from Salt & Light Ventures.


After the recommended solutions have been delivered, its effectiveness will be measured through a retaking of the MERIT Profile.

Assessment Tools

The MERIT Profile measures a person’s attitudes, beliefs, and commitments through ten character competencies through ten character competencies found to be important for both organizational and personal success. The assessment also looks at a person’s dominance, extroversion, patience and conformity — behavioral traits that help organizations understand and relate the attributes of individuals and teams to your business needs.

The MERIT Team Dynamics assesses how well an individual aligns with a group, as well as how the group dynamics impacts the team’s productivity. It takes into account the unseen forces that operate in a team, which strongly influence how its members engage, react, behave, perform, and communicate with each other and with the rest of the organization.

The Human Capital Scan, an independent assessment taken anonymously by a select group in an organization, measures the company’s health in terms of managing its human capital. It exposes areas of development in engineering a healthy and productive working environment and enables your leadership team to begin a healthy dialogue and collaboration around establishing, developing, and sustaining a win-win organizational culture.


Boris Joaquin is a master trainer for leadership programs and other soft skills. He is a seasoned management and marketing professional involved in various industries (advertising, consumer goods, printing/publishing, fragrances, NGO, digital marketing, telecommunications, BPO and business solutions) and business sizes, from
multinationals to locally owned enterprises for more than two decades now.

Lito Cornejo has held various senior leadership roles in sales, customer service, operations management and logistics. With over 20 years of business experience, including stints in Singapore and Vietnam, he has become adept operating in diverse and cross-cultural environments. He is a bona fide trainer for effective communication and has attended various communications training events in Malaysia, the United States and Canada.

Ben Pwee is an experienced business consultant, coach and trainer, with over 18 years of experience working in the Asia-Pacific region. He regularly conducts extensive corporate training for senior level executives of international and Fortune 500 MNCs in the Asia-Pacific. He graduated with a BA and MA from Cambridge University, UK, and he was a former senior civil servant with the Singapore government and a former executive director for China for a global American healthcare corporation.

Jordan Imutan spent nearly 20 years in one of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia, occupying top positions in program management, strategy, and transformation. He became the VP head of retail operations department, wherein he set up the bank’s project management office, and the VP head of strategy and transformation. He now shares his wealth of experience as a leadership coach, strategic thinking and planning consultant and trainer. He is the founder of both Axel Gabe Consulting and Beyond Notebooks.


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